Teacher Evaluation

The Teacher Evaluation System is used for the purposes of identifying and correcting deficiencies, improving professional competence, improving the quality of instruction received by pupils of this district, and assisting in determining the teacher's reemployment.


The formal observation process includes a meeting with the administrator and the observed teacher for a post observation conference. At this time, they discuss the lesson, such as what contributed to lesson objective (s) and was the objective met. In addition, they discuss what if anything the teacher might have or would have done differently.

Non-tenured teachers are to be observed and evaluated in the performance of his/her duties no fewer than three times during each school year, but not less than once during each semester. Evaluations are to take place before April 30th of each year. Evaluations may cover the period between April 30th of one year and April 30th of the succeeding year; except in the case of the first year of employment where the three evaluations must be completed prior to April 30th.


In 2009-2010 school year there were 108 instructional staff members employed by Keyport Public Schools. 100 of the aforementioned staff members met the district's criteria for acceptable performance

Annual 2010-2011