Special Services

The Keyport Office of Special Services' mission is to ensure that all special needs students will reach their fullest potential within the limits / constraints of their individual disabilities. Our special needs students are treated with respect and given encouragement to explore their individual talents and abilities. We recognize the unique and special needs of every student and provide the tools necessary to use for reaching their fullest potential for success.

Keyport Public Schools offer a variety of programming to meet the needs of our students ages 3-5 and 6-21:

 Preschool Disabled Program

LLD Program

Pull-out Resource Program

Meet the CST Staff

Erik Mammano

Erik Mammano

Director of Special Services

Phone: 732 212-6100 x3152

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Laura Conner

Laura Connor

Secretary to the Director of Special Services & CST Team

Phone: 732 212-6100 x3152

Gina Vitucci

Gina Vitucci

Speech Therapist

Phone: 732 212-6100 x2013

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Suzanne Palmer

Suzanne Palmer

Speech Therapist

Phone: 732 212-6100 x2012

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Keyport Central School Special Services Faculty


Krista Bartolone

Ron Burgess

Diva Ciani

Claudia Koumoulis

Sarah Linderoth

Alexis Marinos

Mary Anne Stoya

Michele Wackowski

Andrea Walsh

Jeanne Westendorf


Cerelle White

Cerelle White

Social Worker

Phone: 732 212-6100 x3150

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Jaclyn Tynan

Jaclyn Tynan

Danielle Pavlonnis

Danielle Pavlonnis

Kayla Okoszko

Kayla Okoszko


Phone: 732 212-6100 x2114

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Keyport High School Special Services Faculty


Judy LaVilla

Kyle Keelen

Shaun Lyons

Adrienne Martin

Suzanne McCully

Jean Marie McGrogan

Christiana Snyder

Erica Wesley