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    Welcome to Miss Pento's

    Health and Physical Education Website!

    I graduated from The College of New Jersey with a Bachelors in Science in 2014. Majoring in Health, Exercise Science, and Education. 

    I'm ecstatic to start my first school year at Keyport Central School! My first five years as a teacher I worked with students that were 3-21 moderate-severe autistic, multiple disabilities, and/or emotionally disturbed. I have grown as not only a teacher, but as a person though my experience there. However, I look forward to a new challenge and to share my passion and positivity with a whole new group of fantastic students!

    My mission is to create a welcoming, caring, safe, and respectful environment for all. I strive to instill holistic wellness and the importance of lifelong health and fitness in all my students.

    Let's have a great, happy, and healthy year!


    Google Classroom Codes

    Pre-K PE: oko5xwj

    Kindergarten PE: osjsgpj

    1st Grade PE: bnprmjo

    2nd Grade PE: aa3ucpe

    5th Grade PE: av2wm7e

    6th Grade Health: 7yte5mn

    7th Grade Health: srf7h4b

    8th Grade Health: oj33626