• I have been teaching in the Keyport Public School District for 25 years.  I am also a graduate of Keyport High School and I have enjoyed giving back to my hometown over the years.  I have taught social studies from grades 6 through 12, including U.S. History I and II, World History, World Regions, Criminology, and Sociology.  I have a BA from Bucknell, an MA from Johns Hopkins University, and an MS from the University of Scranton.  I have also coached baseball, basketball, and cross country for over 15 years.  I look forward to working with this year's class, as I have every year since I first started teaching.  I take my commitment to serving the students and parents of Keyport very seriously.

    Block 2 - Criminology/Sociology - Crim/Soc


    Block 3- Sports Psychology   -  SportsPsych


    Block 4 History and Ethics of Sports -  EthicsHistSport