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         Supplies - These supplies must be in class every day!

    You should have the following materials at school and at home:

    • Notebook and/or Binder with loose-leaf paper. 
    • Pencils and erasers: All assignments MUST be completed in pencil!       
    • Headphones                                 
                                        All grades will be posted in a timely manner on Genesis.  



    You are expected to keep a binder with notebook, complete homework, study for tests and quizzes, and seek extra help when necessary.  

    Your efforts determine your grade. 

    Grades will be calculated as follows.

    Major Assessments – 50%

    • Large Projects/Tests – All tests will be announced on the class website and verbally in class.  Tests are generally given at the end of each chapter. 


    Minor Assessments – 35% 

    • Small Projects/Quizzes – Quizzes will be both announced and unannounced.  Typically, quizzes will cover the first 3 to 4 sections of a chapter.


    Alternate Assessments – 15% 

    • Homework – Homework is assigned and checked almost every day.  Assignments will be written on the class calendar daily. As long as a legitimate attempt is made to complete every problem, you will receive credit (regardless of correctness). 
    • Homework will be checked at the beginning of each class, and answers will be provided.   You should not only check your answers but correct your work and ask questions.  
    • You are expected to have your homework on your desk as soon as you enter the class.  




    Cheating - You are cheating if you copy another student’s work, copy answers from someone’s test or quiz, or if you give your work to another student to copy.  Students who are caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment.





Last Modified on February 3, 2023