• Welcome to the Language Arts Department!



    The administration and staff of the Keyport Public Schools are dedicated to improving the development of literacy and the teaching and learning of English Language Arts.  It's an exciting time in education in which the students of today will benefit from the shifts in education to provide a more rigorous and meaningful educational experience.  Keyport is committed to providing students with quality instruction that encourages them to become better thinkers and problem-solvers.  We focus on student-centered learning and differentiated learning strategies so that all of our students see progress, growth, and ultimately success.  Each curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. 
    Please review the many helpful links and various information provided on this website.  Literacy is not just about learning in school; it's everywhere.  Please support our literacy efforts by reading with your child at home and making reading a fundamental part of each day!
    If you have any questions or concerns regarding our language arts instruction, please contact me:
    Stephanie Woit
    Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    Keyport Public Schools
    732-212-6100 ext. 2246