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    Name: Margaret Burgener 
    Grade: 2
    Classroom: 11
    Help Hours: as needed
    Google Classroom: code:  uoa5wgi     https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ4MjM2ODQ0MTI0

    The month of March finds us working hard and learning new things.  In Fundations, we will continue to work in  Level 2.  Closed syllables, closed syllable exceptions, v-e syllables, open syllables, and r-controlled syllables will be used and combined.  There will also be new suffixes introduced.   Writing has us revisiting our small moment narrative writing.  A focus will be put on adding details, along with creating and setting and conclusion. Guided reading will be used to explore both fiction and nonfiction texts.  Math will see us practicing adding/subtracting 3-digit numbers, as well as, adding multiple 2-digit numbers.  Science will continue with the study of matter.  This will include how to change matter.

Last Modified on February 24, 2023