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    Name: Margaret Burgener 
    Grade: 2
    Classroom: 11
    Help Hours: as needed
    I look forward to an Outstanding October.  In Phonics, we will focus on short vowels, bonus letters, and closed syllables.  We will be tapping, spelling, and marking words for the patterns practiced.  Please refer to the Fundations Notebook sent home on Back to School Night to help with sounds and keywords.  In Reading, we will continue with management lessons to improve our independence in selecting books, working in groups, and discussing stories.  In Writing, we will focus on small moment (ex: one ride, not the whole day at an amusement park) narrative writing.  In Social Studies, our government (rules, laws, leaders) and some geograpghy (landforms, bodies of water) will be explored.  In Math, mastering our addition and subtraction facts to and from 20 is a focus.  We will practice with a variety of addition and subtraction strategies, as well as problem solving.
Last Modified on September 28, 2019