• Student Council

    President  Samantha Aumack  12

    Vice President  Halie Aumack  11

    Recording Secretary  Jasmine Johnson  12

    Correspning Secretary  Jordan Smith  10

    Treasurer  Britney Chacon  11

    Keyport BOE  Emily Savicky  10

    Sergeant of Arms  Milen Winzel  12

    Sergeant of Arms  Alissa Rubelo  10

    Sergeant of Arms  Julien Rubello  11

    Sergeant of Arms  Alexis Walsh  10

    Media Specialist  Gabriella Perez  12




    Make sure to add Student Council's Google Class page at: 7bw99kk

    Also add our remind 101 message app: texting @khssc to (732) 709-4250