• The National Honor Society of Keyport High School is an organization with a proud history. Chartered in 1972, we continue to represent the school with students who maintain both high academic and behavior standards. Sophomores and juniors with a qualifying GPA are invited to apply for membership in late spring. After careful consideration by the selection committee, the students selected are inducted at Academic Awards in June (Pandemic notwithstanding).  NHS volunteers for school projects throughout the year, including our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and our Christmas Toy and Food Drive. Keyport High is well represented by this fine group of students. NHS meets every Thursday during open 2 in Room 308. 
    Advisor: Mrs. Erica Wesley,  NHS advisor. 
    Email: ewesley@kpsdschools.org
    (This year, letters went out to our newest inductees in November.  Induction TBD).  

    Eligibility for invitation to apply to be a member of NHS:  

    As a sophomore or junior, for the first three marking periods of the current year students must have earned high honor roll or principal’s honor roll status to be initially considered.  This means that the student’s grades are all higher than a 90 for the current year.  

    After the student has qualified in this area, transcripts for the previous years are pulled.  

    As a sophomore, students must have a cumulative GPA 4.0.  As a junior, students must have a cumulative GPA of a 3.8.  

    Once academic eligibility has been achieved, students are invited to apply for NHS.  This entails filling out the required data sheet and acknowledging the requirements for membership.

    This information is then presented to the NHS Committee for review and each member of the committee votes on each individual student. The advisor does not get a vote. The votes are tabulated and it is a majority rules situation.  We then meet as a committee where the members can voice any concerns they may have over the tabulated votes.  At the conclusion of this meeting, we have the list of the students to be inducted for the following year.