Ms. Wallin's Website: tinyurl.com/wallination 

    Class Syllabus and Procedures:  Class Syllabus

     Office Hours: 1:00-1:45pm Daily via Google Meet
    (click this link to attend: meet.google.com/pyx-rdrn-fuc)



    Click here to access GOOGLE CLASSROOM 

    PARENTS, if you provided me with your email address at the start of the school year, you will be provided with weekly or daily email summaries of your student's work completion. If you are not receiving these emails and you have given me your email address, please make sure you have confirmed activated Google Classroom's emails
    STUDENTS, Join my Google Classroom with the following codes:
    • Period 1, Environmental Science: eojesjv
    • Period 2, Environmental Science: hblvtm7
    • Period 3, Environmental Science: rpgso7e
    • Period 5, Anatomy & Physiology: daqbsin
    • Period 6, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology: s3x3yhl
    • Period 7, Environmental Science: gpvn7t4



    1. Binder with Folder
    2. Pens/Markers with different colors
    3. Anatomy and AP Bio students: Index Cards



Last Modified on September 9, 2020