• Name: Mrs. Reash Email:jreash@kpsdschools.org Grades: 9-12 Classrooms:203. 206, 210, and 212. 
    I currently co-teach with Mr. Keelen, Miss Rollman, and Mr. Lois. 
    This is my 31st year teaching at KHS.   I have been honored by being named KHS 2013 Teacher of the Year!  I look forward to my classes every day.  I teach Algebra II, Basic Mathematics, Geometry,  Resource Geometry, and World History
    Supply List: (For all classes) A three subject notebook or Three-ring binder with punched lined paper  A pencil, a four-color pen, 
    a hi lighter, a planner, and a two pocket folder.
    My virtual office hours will be from 1:05 to 1:45 daily.
    Your education is what you put into it!
    Please make the investment now and do as well as you can to make the most of your time at KHS.
Last Modified on September 13, 2020