• Name: John O'Brien
    Grades:High School
    Classroom: 211
    Help Hours: M - F Open Lunch period or other times as arranged between the student and teacher. 
    This is my 13th year teaching math at Keyport High School.  This year, I am teaching Precalculus, Calculus, Geometry, Financial Literacy and College Seminar.  I have also taught Algebra I and II,  Calculus, Probability & Statistics and HSPA Math during my time here so I can help your student make the connections between all the courses.  I have a Master's Degree from Rutgers and am New York City born and breed, although I have lived in New Jersey for quite a while now.
    Prior to teaching I spent 25 years in industry including engineering and business management.  When a student asks "when will I ever use this?" I can tell them.  Mathematics isn't just equations; it's a way of thinking and problem solving that is used in many fields ranging from law enforcement to medicine to social work.
    My favorite response when I ask a student "how do you find the answer to a specific question" is... "I don't know, but I can figure it out."
    Supplies needed for the 2018 - 2019 school year:
    • Students may use any type of lined paper notebook they like.  There will be LOTS of notes.
    • There will be LOTS of graphing.  Students will be provided with loose graph paper but may feel free to have a notebook to keep the graphing better organized.  (excludes Financial Literacy, there is no graphing in that class)
    • Students are expected to bring their own pens and/or pencils.  These are NOT provided.
    • In Geometry, rulers and compasses will be used and are provided but the student is welcome to bring their own.
    • Calculators will be provided although students are welcome to bring their own.  We will be using the TI-83 Plus in class.  If you have an iPhone, the free scientific graphing calculator on the iPhone is even better than the calculator provided in class.  However, keep in mind that Smartphones are not allowed to be used on state tests or classroom tests and the students need to be familiar with the capabilities of the TI-83.
    • Students will be given a folder they can keep in the class to store “Do Nows,” old tests, handouts and miscellaneous information.  Please, do not use these folders to store any material for other classes.

    Students grades are determined by the results on the work assigned to the whole class.  NO EXTRA CREDIT WORK IS GIVEN OTHER THAN THE EXTRA CREDIT QUESTIONS ALREADY ASSIGNED IN CLASS AND ON TESTS AND QUIZES.

Last Modified on June 26, 2018