• Diane Quinn

    Email:  dquinn@kpsdschools.org; 732-212-6100, ext. 3305
    Grades:  11, 12
    Classroom:  305
    Help Hours: Targeted Instruction from 10:48-11:18.
    I am a graduate of Keyport High School and Kean College of New Jersey (now Kean University), where I earned a B.A. in English. This is my twenty-fourth year in the district and my fifteenth year in the classroom.
    English IV
    Welcome to senior English! We are writing a Literary Analysis Essay this week and will begin to read Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption next week.
    English IV Honors
    Welcome to Honors English! We have begun work in our Springboard books.  First up is perception and perspective.  We will work on this for a bit and integrate various criticisms into our work. We will work toward Embedded Assessment One which is a photo essay.
    English III
    This is a second semester course.  Check back for details.
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