• KCS Student Council
    Breaking News!!!! 
    Red Panda Rally
    Help the Builders Club fight the good fight and save red pandas this Spring!!!
    The Builders Club has responded to the call of the red panda.  The red panda has recently been put on the endangered species list and the KCS Builders Club is rallying staff, students, and the community to pitch in and lend a hand in stopping the destruction of the red panda habitats and the illegal poaching of the red panda species!!!
    There are Red Panda T-Shirts available for purchase, just see Mr. Burgess for an order form!!!!
    Help Us Save the Red Panda, Today!!!!  

     COMING THIS April 28th!!!!
    THE 6th Annual
    Project Warmth:The Builders Club was able to donate 118 articles of winter clothing to Charitable Organizations and we couldn't have done it without you Keyport!!!
    Thank you for being so generous!
     Student Council   Student Council   Student Council
    Attention students!!!  If you are interested in making a difference in your school, town, and the world....then this Club is for you!!! 

    Join Mr. Burgess and Mr.
    Chudzik in making the community we all know and love, even better, by joining the Student Council!!! 

    We will be working on giving back to the 
    community and making a difference in the lives of over fellow community members by holding various drives, fundraisers, events, and gatherings all in the name of
         bettering our community and the world we live in. If this sounds like a task you are up for please see Mr. Burgess or Mr. Chudzik for a permission slip to join this year's
         Student Council. You won't want to miss it!!!!!
    Meetings will be held every other Thursday in room SG1.