Summer School 2018

    Algebra 1 and English 1 Summer School

    Where: Keyport High School

    When:Starting July 9, 2018- August 2, 2018

    How: Please register by emailing Mr. Palumbo at jpalumbo@kpsdschools.org 


    If you failed other course and are in need of credit recovery, please register for courses via https://www.educere.net/myCourses.asp?pageID=2618.%20518




    Keyport School District Guidance

    2018-2019 Program of Studies PDF Version


    Keyport High School will be scheduling for the 2018-2019 school year online through Genesis and the Parent Portal.  As your child thinks about their schedule for next year, it is important that they seek advice from parents, teachers and counselors.  Students should challenge themselves by taking a rigorous course load.  Taking a variety of challenging courses helps keep your options open for the future.  Students should consider all the variables that go into providing the appropriate academic challenge while maintaining balance and well-being, such as:


    • Prior academic performance
    • Concurrent course work
    • Extracurricular commitments
    • Personal/family obligations
    • Additional time constraints


    It is very important that students choose courses that they intend to take.  Please review the attached Genesis guide.  This guide will give you step by step instructions to complete the scheduling process.  The scheduling window will begin on February 26th and will end on March 31st.  At the conclusion of the scheduling window, the counselors will begin meeting with each student individually to review the requests.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the KHS Guidance Department at (732) 212-6100 X3257 or guidance@kpsdschools.org.



    2018-2019 Course Registration Instructions

    Course registration for the next academic school year will begin at Keyport High School on February 26 and will end on March 31st.

    This year registration will take place online through GENESIS and COURSE PLACEMENTS:

    • Log onto the Keyport School District website: kpsdschools.org
    • Click onto the Parent Portal https://parents.genesisedu.com/keyport/parents
    • Log onto the Parent Access by entering your e-mail address and password. (Follow the prompts if you need a new password).
    • On the Parent Resources page click on the SCHEDULING tab (under STUDENT DATA).
    • Click the REQUESTS tab to see the course recommendations which will be input by counselors and teachers before registration begins.
    • Choose your course requests under each subject heading.
    • Please use the correct course code # for the proper course level. (A list of all courses and codes can be found in the on-line course catalog on the District website).
    • Students should choose 35 credits; PhysEd/Health and Lunch have been added for you.
    • Incoming freshmen only need to choose one elective


    * Counselors will be meeting with each student to review course selections.


    ** These are tentative course requests.  Final Schedules are subject to change based on test scores, teacher recommendations, staff and scheduling availability. 

    New Jersey High School Graduation Assessment Requirements



    HS Graduation Assessment Requirements 1

    HS Graduation Requirements 2





Central School Guidance Announcements

  • KCS has a comprehensive program that consists of four main components:

    1. Counseling:
    Individual Counseling: A process that allows students to express their feelings and concerns in a safe environment. Counselors can help students set goals, promote self understanding, personal growth, and provide support. 

    Group Counseling: A process that seeks a group of students to explore similar issues and/or concerns. Students come together in a safe, non-threatening, positive, and confidential environment. Group counseling sessions topics can include divorce, coping with grief, social skills, study skills, self-esteem, anger control, and stress management. 

    **Please note-individual and group counseling services are not replacements for therapy. School counseling is typically short term and solution focused in nature.**

    2. Consultation/Collaboration: The main job of a counselor is to communicate, communicate, communicate! The counselor works with teachers, administrators, and school specialist to advocate in the best interest for all students. 

    Communicating and collaborating with parents is an essential part of the counselors role. It is important for parents and school staff to be on the same team in order to best service the needs of your "whole" child. 

    Counselors also collaborate with community agencies to help your child when they are not in school. Counselors can provide a full range of resources for your child in Monmouth County. Additionally, please check the "Parent+School Together" Bulletin Board in the main office for updates and notices of community happenings.
    Please contact me to set a meeting to discuss any concerns you may have in regards to your child.

    3. Classroom Guidance
    School Counselors provide developmental classroom guidance lessons to help students understand themselves, others, and the world around them. These lessons consist of a variety topics including character education, bullying, tolerance, friendship, and career readiness. All lessons are tailored to be meaningful for each grade level.
    Additionally, School Counselors share resources, ideas, and strategies with classroom teachers to address specific concerns and problems within the individual classrooms.

    4. Coordinating
    School counselors coordinate with teachers, administrators, parents, and community resources to ensure all students are functioning at their optimal potential.

    **Please note-KCS's counseling program is based on and supported by the standards of The American School Counseling Association.

High School Guidance Announcements

  • Please visit your guidance counselor to learn more about college visits and about using Naviance for your college search.
     *See the main HS Guidance page for scholarship information and deadlines.