• Referendum Update 09/19/19

    We are pleased to announce that the buildings opened on time.  All projects are basically completed at this point.  The Central School now has crisp, new air-conditioning in most of the building. 


    The High School has a beautiful, new secure vestibule which includes a fire-rated transaction window for visitors to communicate with the office staff.  Leading up to the outside of the vestibule is an ADA compliant ramp that enhances the character of the building.  Additionally, the water-proofing of the high school was completed successfully.


    The staff and students of both buildings are benefitting from newly installed secure door locks that lock from the inside.  KCS also has upgraded fire alarms and electrical panels.  Students will also notice new ceilings with LED lighting as well as VCT tiles in classrooms. 


    Thank you to Dylan Borders and the entire Keyport custodial and maintenance department for working many hard hours to allow our buildings to open on time.  Thank you to the administration and parents for your patience throughout the summer.  Lastly, a special thank you to the voters of the community that allowed these advancements to happen.  We greatly appreciate it.


    We are also excited about our bond sale.   Bonds were issued through the Monmouth County Improvement Authority.  Fortunately, timing was on our side.  We originally predicted a rate of 3.85% over a year ago.  The bonds were sold at 2.41%.  This will save the taxpayers approximately $100,000 a year from what was predicted.  We projected tax increases on the average home of $12.10 a month and now predict an increase of $7.67 a month which is a savings of over $53 a year. 



    Referendum Update 07/23/19


    The referendum projects are proceeding nicely.  At the high school, the demolition of the front entrance is complete.  The masonry work for the new stairs and ramp are in progress. Excavation and water proofing is well underway.  The secure vestibule has stairs installed. 

    At the Central School, ceilings have been demolished, unit ventilators and VCT are being installed, the boilers have been assembled and most of the duct work is complete. 



    Referendum Update 06/13/19


    On June 17th the Security Vestibule and ADA Ramp at KHS will begin construction.  This project will proceed through the summer.

    In approximately the second week of July construction will start on the KHS Water Drainage and Water Proofing projects.

    Security Locks in both KCS and KHS will be installed in mid-July.

    The electrical work for the HVAC project at KCS is continuing to proceed.  Demolition of old unit ventilators will begin on Monday, June 17th.  New unit ventilators should be on site in early July.  Each day, between two and four ventilators will be installed.

    Abatement work and new VCT Tile Installation will start in conjunction with the HVAC project.

    These are exciting times for Keyport Public Schools!




    Referendum Update- 05/08/19



    The HVAC project at KCS has started.  Electricians have been working after school hours.  They are laying electrical wires throughout the building.  This will allow the actual HVAC units to be installed in a timely manner once the students and staff leave the building in mid-June.

    Additionally, there will be a trailer used for storage located in back of the Central School gym on the grass section.

    We have received permits from the town for the projects.  We have also received a permit from the Freehold Conservation District to proceed with the water proofing project at Keyport High school.



    Referendum Update- 04/11/19

    We received bids for project 18K070A- Renovations at Multiple Schools on April 4th.  This project includes the HS Waterproofing, Security Vestibule and Ramp, and Door Hardware Replacement.  Our lowest bid was from Shorelands Inc. for $1,102,000.  We also received alternate bids for the board office repairs at $85,700 and additional door and hardware replacement for $25,000. 


    We received bids for project 18K070B-HVAC Upgrades at Keyport Central School on April 10th.  This project includes HVAC at KCS as well as the fire alarm system, electrical panels and ceilings.  Our lowest bid was from Kappa Construction Corp for $6,900,000.  We also received an alternate bid of $10,000 for some tile replacement. 


    Bids for both projects were accepted at the April 10th board meeting.  So after the first two phases of our referendum projects we are still within our budget.  A third phase which will primarily focus HVAC at the high school will be bid in November.

    We will be selling bonds as part of the referendum projects on June 26th.  The funding will become available after July 1 which starts our new budget year.



    Referendum Update- 03/13/19

    One bid advertisement was placed Thursday, March 7th in the Asbury Park Press and numerous trade publications.  Bids are due April 4th.  We held a Pre-bid meeting with potential bidders yesterday.  The projects in this package include:

    High School

    Waterproofing Exterior Wall

    Interior Door Hardware Replacement

    Window Stool Replacement

    Security Vestibule

    Vestibule ADA Upgrades


    Central School

    CMU Cracks

    Interior Door Hardware Replacement



    A second advertisement will go out tomorrow (March 14).  It will include:

    Central School

    Upgrade existing zoned fire alarm to full addressable system, code compliant

    Unit ventilators and new piping

    Floor Patching for UV

    Casework at UV removal/install locations

    UV Paint full wall

    HVAC in Gym, Multi-purpose room, Music Room and classrooms

    Rooftop Unit Flashing/Patching

    Add New 3rd Hot Water Boiler

    Add RPZ style Backflow preventer on boiler water make up systems

    Exhaust Fan Replacements

    Upgrade old electrical panels and feeders

    Replace Old Main Distribution Panel

    Central Lighting and Controls

    Ceilings (Concealed Spline)

    VAT Abatement and VCT installation


    Bids are due April 10th.  We will hold a Pre-bid meeting with potential bidders on March 19th.