• Materials: You will need a three-ring binder, PENCILS, erasers, folder, lined paper, CHARGED chromebook, and a highlighter. Textbook will be provided online.

    Rules of the classroom:

    1. Have a positive attitude and come to class ready to learn with the required materials.

    2. Each one of you is responsible for your own and your classmates’ learning.

    3. BE ON TIME

    4. Respect your teacher and classmates

    5. Follow directions and work hard


    1. Warning/Conference

    2. Contact Home

    3. Administrative Referral

    Grading Policy:

    Major Assessments: 50%

    Minor Assessments: 35%

    Homework/Classwork: 15%


    • If a student is absent or needs to know a homework assignment, check the missing assignment folder first. 

      • If it is not inside the folder, then check Google Classroom or email the teacher.

    • Each student will be given one week from the day they come back from their absence to complete the assignment(s).

    • Come to extra help immediately after an absence, especially if you are finding the material to be difficult. The longer you wait, the harder it will be!

    • Since each student is required to make-up all work, an absence DOES NOT excuse any student from a test or quiz. 

      • Test or quiz must be made up within one week of the day you come back from your absence.

    • If you are in school, but absent from class due to an extracurricular activity or trip, you ARE still responsible for all classwork and homework.

    Cell Phone: Cell phones can be disruptive to the user, to other students, and to the teaching/learning that is crucial to our success. Phones may ONLY be used within the classroom WHEN given permission by the teacher.  Do not be disrespectful with your phone. You can ONLY use your phone to listen to music with your headphones or for academic use when given permission! You are responsible for your own learning/work if you choose to have your cell phone out when given permission. 

    Extra Help: Ms. Dallas is available for extra help during lunch  in ROOM 214. This is subject to change. If it does, I will let you know. If you would like help before or after school, then please make an appointment. I also encourage you to work with other students. Compare your answers, and if they are different, look through your work together to discover errors. I found working with a partner in college to be the most productive preparation for a test/quiz. 

    Keep in touch with the class by joining Google Classroom:

    Period 1:    acadhpm          Period 2:   ftme6sr              Period 4:      vwoeop6                                        

    Contact: You may contact Ms. Dallas at sdallas@kpsdschools.org if you have any questions or concerns. 


    Always remember:


    Mistakes are PROOF that 

    you are trying!

    Student Contract

    Welcome to Algebra 1!

    I have read and understand my child’s student contract for math class. By signing this acknowledgement, I recognize the responsibilities my child has in class and will help remind my child of them whenever necessary.


     Date                                                               Class Period

    Please provide at least one working email address and phone number where you prefer to be reached throughout the school year and I shall update you whenever possible.


     Parent/Guardian Email Address (Please Print)


    Relationship to student: 


    Phone Number: 

    Any Comments:



    “Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success.” –Henry Ford

    I  look forward to working with you!


    Ms. Dallas