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    Keyport Public Schools has had a sending and receiving relationship with Union Beach for decades that benefited families of both communities. Unfortunately, the Union Beach Board of Education has taken conscious and deliberate action to violate this relationship. This action is hitting Keyport in the pocketbook, as the tuition paid by Union Beach to Keyport continues to drop precipitously, significantly impacting Keyport’s budget and finances. The improper diversion of students to other school districts has also shifted the balance of students attending Keyport by increasing the percentage of special education students and reducing the percentage of general education students. Union Beach is not alone in this illegal effort to deprive Keyport of its rights. Henry Hudson BOE, Hazlet BOE and Red Bank Regional BOE are active accomplices in siphoning away our students. As a result, Keyport has filed Petitions with the Commissioner of Education seeking an Order that would enforce the existing send-receive relationship and stop these improper practices. Keyport is also seeking to have the Commissioner address the years of financial harm and the ongoing disparate educational impact to Keyport’s special and general education student populations.