• Classroom Rules and Regulations:


    1. Arrive on time. Three unexcused lates will result in a class absence and a write up.
    2. Be seated in your assigned seat awaiting instruction at the beginning of class.
    3. Absolutely no food or open drinks. 
    4. Vandalism of any school property is not tolerated.
    5. No headphones, hats, or large backpacks.  Keep the floor clear of tripping hazards.     
    6. Cell phones may be used only with teacher permission. 
    7. Only one person at a time leaves the room with a hall pass.   
    8. Come to class prepared to learn and work the entire class period. Failure to work diligently for the entire class period will result in loss of points from your marking period grade.
    9. Demonstrate RESPECT for peers, teachers and all other members of the school community.
    10. Do not negatively criticize anyone’s ideas, beliefs or thoughts.
    11. Classroom materials and/or tools are not to leave the classroom without permission.
    12. Before leaving the classroom, every work area must be cleaned. All borrowed materials and/or tools must be returned.
    13. You will be dismissed from class only when the room is cleaned appropriately and you are sitting in your assigned seats. Do not line up at the door.


    As a student in a studio art class, it is necessary to understand the existing nature of materials, tools and equipment that will be utilized in the process of art production. The studio classes at Keyport High School are hands on and require the safe use of many different materials, cutting tools and electrical equipment in the process of making art.


    The following rules apply to all students in Ms. Popiel’s art classes:


    *I will listen carefully to all instructions given by Ms. Popiel, a certified art teacher.


    *I will carefully observe all demonstrations pertaining to the process of the lesson and follow the procedures instructed.


    *I will respect and use, in a safe manner, all materials, tools and equipment needed to create the art assignment.


    *I will return all materials and tools to the assigned storage areas determined by Ms. Popiel and properly dispose of all sharps, or other designated materials, as instructed.


    *I will NOT remove ANY tool from the art classroom. It is not only unacceptable, it is inherently dangerous, and I know I will be disciplined!


    Students who do not follow the guidelines of this contract and abuse the use of any materials, tools or equipment in any given assignment, will be denied completion of the assignment, will be denied credit for the assignment and will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action. By entering the art room, I agree and comply with everything I have read.



Last Modified on September 15, 2021