• Welcome to English II!

    I am looking forward to our year together.        


    English II is a full-year course, which meets the state standards and satisfies one year of this state’s requirements for four years of English. English II focuses on reading and research of various forms of literature and nonfiction texts. Units and lessons are planned to encourage discussion and allow for student contribution and evaluative input. By design, students will read both full texts and excerpts of literature options, and juxtapose seminal pieces alongside contemporary texts. They will think and speak critically as well as cite textual evidence and establish habits of close reading. Writing is encouraged through projects, papers, and journal entries. Special emphasis should be placed on writing a comparative analysis within the units between fiction, non-fiction, and multimedia texts. A variety of writing formats requires students to recognize form and purpose in composition. As 21st-century citizens, students will be expected to hone skills with mixed media, public speaking, and critical consumption in order to demonstrate proficiency in communication.


    Course Studies: 

    The course will be broken down into 4 units as follows:  

    • The Power of Communication
    • Moving Forward/The Persistence of Memories
    • The Ties That Bind/ Chopped, Stirred, and Blended
    • Origin Stories



    These supplies should be brought to class daily: 

    • Assigned Chromebook
    • Pen/pencil/writing utensil
    • Folder
    • Any assigned resources or books 


    Class Rules


    • Masks: Must be worn at all times unless permission has been granted.
    • Due Dates: Failure to hand in assignments will result in a lowering of the assignment's final grade. If you have trouble handing in an assignment on time, please contact us immediately and we can make arrangements—especially if it is an emergency. 
    • Homework that is reviewed in class (and answers are given) cannot be turned in late. 
    • Cell Phones: They will not be permitted in class unless otherwise noted by the teacher. 
    • Food/Drink: Due to the nature of the coronavirus, food will not be permitted in the classroom setting. Only water bottles are allowed in class.


    Class Routine (Hybrid)

    • Come to class on time, prepared, and ready to work.
    • Masks must be worn at all times in the classroom setting.
    • You will be asked to wipe down your seat and desk prior to instruction.
    • Check the homework board that is posted. It is your responsibility to write down your homework and complete it on time.
    • Chromebooks should be out on the desk and opened to the Google Classroom page
    • Complete the day’s closure activity.


    Class Routine (Virtual)


    • Log into Google Classroom or Meet at your assigned time. Failure to log in will result in a reported absence in the class for the day.


    • Read and review the posted assignment for the day.
    • Tune into the live instruction lesson as it is happening. Late attendance will result in missing critical information for the successful completion of your day’s assignment.
    • Reach out via email if you have any questions or concerns as you work on your assignment. Failure to hand in an assignment without an email or explanation will result in a “Missing” or “0” in the grade book. 
    • Attend office hours if you need additional help or clarification with an assignment. Please also attend office hours if you were absent from the class.


    Grading Policy

    As per the Keyport school district policy, students will be responsible for a variety of major assignments, minor assignments, and homework.

    Major assignments account for 50% of the final grade, minor assignments account for 40%, and classwork/homework assignments account for 10%.

    Students will know which assignments are considered major or minor as they are assigned.


    Office Hours:


    Students should report to office hours for additional help, missing assignments, or absences. Office hours will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday’s from 1:05-1:35 PM. Please send an email if an individual Google Meet is requested.


Last Modified on September 8, 2020