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    Physicals must be updated in in order to start training with the team

    Please fill out and hand in to coach, once completed the Emergency Contacts Information Sheet 

    ***If you have any questions or concerns please email me Bhilliard@kpsdschools.org***

    All players are individually responsible for their

    Attitude, Effort, and Endurance

                Being in shape is a crucial component of being the best soccer player you can be. When you are in shape, you can make better decisions and be more alert on the field. The average soccer player can run about 5-8 miles per game. I want you to be ready and in shape for upcoming season.

                If you are serious about playing Varsity Soccer, you will be training/running over the summer break. Use your head and listen to your body when working it the max.

    **Be smart and drink plenty of WATER - DON’T OVER DO IT (Stay Hydrated!)**

    **Please take it easy on extremely hot days – think early morning/evening**

    I hope you enjoy the summer and look forward to seeing you out on the pitch

    Goals for 2020 Season

    • Be competitive in every game we play
    • Be the most in shape team in the Shore!
    • Advance in the Shore Conference Tournament
    • Advance in the Central Jersey Group State Tournament
    • Win the Monmouth County Sportsmanship Award
    • Have passion and determination for the game and our season
    • Have fun and never give up!

    ATTENDANCE - Keyport High School Varsity Soccer requires a great deal of time and commitment.

    ●     Excuse from any activity/practice/game MUST be cleared by coaching staff.

    ●     Athlete must talk to either coach in school directly or through email/phone/remind app.                    

    ●     Excused absences are if you are sick, have a family emergency or death in the family or loved one.

    ●     Any unexcused absences (no show; did not communicate with a coach directly) from any game/practice/activity will result in consequences to playing time.

    ●     Work schedules must work around the soccer schedule. It is not an excused absence.

    ●     Games and practices are MANDATORY.

    ●     If you are present in school, YOU MUST BE AT PRACTICE.

    ●     If you are to leave school early due to sickness, or doctors apt, you MUST notify a coach.


    ●     All members of the team are required to take transportation provided by the school to and from games and practices.

    ●     Specific circumstances must be approved at least 48 hours in advance by the Athletic Director (Mr. Flynn).


    ●     Every player on this team is responsible for their uniform they are issued and to give back at the end of the season (Jerseys/Shorts).

    • 2 Jerseys
    • Shorts
    • Socks

    ●     All players are responsible for wearing shin-guards and cleats to every practice and game.

    ●     All players are responsible for wearing the correct uniform to every game.

    • (Dress appropriate for the weather)



    • Show up on time! Before the posted time - Especially if you have a duty (Ex. ice and water).
    • Act, Look, and Behave (in and out of school) - You Represent Keyport High School
    • Study and get good grades – playing time can be determined by this
    • Must be present to any School/Soccer related events (Fundraisers/Banquets/Community Day/Etc.)
    • Help out your teammates!

Last Modified on September 10, 2020