• Health and Sports Science Studies Academy at Keyport High School is a series of courses designed for the student that has an interest in this vastly growing area.  The courses are based on sciences, social studies and field experiences in movement science. Students who are interested in pre-medicine, nursing, athletic training, exercise physiology, etc. will find a home in this academy. Below is a guideline of the four years of courses:                                                                                                                                                                                


    9th Grade

    ●     Public Speaking/Creative Writing

    ●     English I/Honors English I

    ●     Algebra IB/Hon. Alg. 1B/Geometry/Hon. Geom.

    ●     Financial Literacy

    ●     World History/Honors World History

    ●     Bio Lab/Honors Bio Lab

    ●     World Language

    ●     Fitness/Conditioning



    10th Grade

    ●     English II/Honors English II

    ●     Geometry/Hon. Geometry/Algebra II/

    Hon. Algebra II

    ●     US History I/ Honors US History I

    ●     Chemistry/Honors Chemistry

    ●     Psychology

    ●     World Language

    ●     PE

    ●     History  & Ethics of Sports


    All students begin in the Health, Science, and Sports Studies Academy

    11th Grade

    ●     English III/ Honors English III/

    AP Comp 11

    ●     Algebra II/Hon. Alg. II/Pre-Cal

    ●     US History II/ Honors US History II/ AP US History

    ●     Anatomy and Physiology

    ●     Sports Psychology

    ●     Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

    ●     PE


    12th Grade

    ●     English IV/ Honors English IV/ AP Comp 12

    ●     Math Elective

    ●     Anatomy and Physiology II

    ●     PE

    ●     FIELD EXPERIENCE (15 credits)