Tomorrow’s Teachers, is a group of elective courses for high school students who aspire to become teachers.  This cohort of classes was developed by the Center for Education, Recruitment, Retention and Advancement. Thirty-four states are currently using the 10th Edition of this course curriculum to introduce high school students to the teaching profession.

Tomorrow’s Teachers is taught for a minimum of one class period a day for a year or the equivalent of that amount of time in contact hours.

It includes four themes:


  •   Experiencing Learning
  •   Experiencing the Profession
  •   Experiencing the Classroom
  •   Experiencing Education


 A variety of hands-on activities and a strong emphasis on observations, and field experiences are required. 


The courses that make up the Tomorrow’s Teachers Academy are:

·        Early Childhood Development

·        Education Technology Literacy

·        Google Apps for Education

·        Tomorrow’s Teacher course inclusive of Internship