• KCS Environmental Club Projects
    Welcome to the project page of the KCS Environmental Club website.
    Last year we celebrated Arbor Day 2015 by dedicating a dogwood tree in the front of the Central School.  Students said a pledge aloud to help to make the commitment of helping to improving keeping their community as best as it can be. 
    The KCS Environmental Club is involved in some really exciting activities.  
    We are taking part in the PowerSave program. 
    We are getting the Terracycle program started.
    The kids have been hard at work on the Environmental Play which the kids are going to be putting on for the younger students of the school.  The backdrops and props are being made out of all recycled products.  
    In the spring, we will hopefully be constructing the Learn Garden outside of the Central School by the sign board.
    The organic garden will be coming in the spring, of which the yield of the vegetables will go towards the Keyport Ministerium Food Pantry.
    Check back soon for more details!