Classroom Policies and Procedures 

    Mrs. Vincent will thoroghly go over all of the information below with studentsduring the first week of school.
    Classroom Rules

    1.         Be respectful to everyone.
    2.         Always follow directions and classroom procedures.
    3.         Be kind and helpful.
    4.         Be responsible.
    5.         Work as a team.
    6.         Always do your best!


     Classroom Consequences

    First: Verbal Warning/Chance to show better decision making 

    Second: Time off of Recess

    Third: No Recess and Further Parent/Guardian Contact

    Fourth: No Recess, Further Parent/Guardian Contact, and Administration Contact


    Classroom Procedures

    1. Enter the classroom calmly and quietly.

    2. Hand in homework in the homework bin.

    3. Write down homework from the homework board.

    4. Complete the Do Now.

    5. Listen for any additional directions.

    6. Show Mrs. Vincent that you are ready to learn!


     Classroom Rewards

     [Table Points]

    Our classroom is made up of team tables. Each table has their own set of drawers to hold supplies. Each team will be responsible for keeping their drawers neat. There will be one captain for each table, who will sit by the drawers to help hand out certain supplies when needed. The captain will also have the responsibility of checking that their team is following classroom procedures. Throughout class, if a team shows enthusiasm to learn and works as a team, they will earn table points. The captain, will record the table points on the table points white board. At the end of each month, the team with the most points will earn the opportunity to become team captains. The winning team will also get to choose their team members for the month!

     *Table points can also be taken away if the team fails to follow directions or shows poor teamwork!


    [Homework Passes]

    Students can earn homework passes after each marking period if all homework is completed throughout that time. If a homework pass cannot be used for a particular assignment, Mrs. Vincent will notify the students ahead of time. Homework passes from Mrs. Vincent can only be used for Math, Science, and Social Studies homework assignments. Homework passes must be handed in to Miss Ulrich, and each pass can only be used once.