•  family reading
    First Day of School: 9/9/19 (early dismissal)
    Reading Intervention Extension Activites:
    • read the family letter every night
    • read your books for at least 15 minutes
    • talk to someone about what you read- use family letter, bookmarks or questioning stems for discussion ideas
    • complete 1 or 2 learning extension tasks from the family letter
    • read your High-Frequency words from your word bag

    **Reminder to families, the "Fold Sheets" that come home each night are designed to be used as an extension in the regular classroom, not during Reading Intervention period.  Due to schedule constraints, Central School is using them as an optional home extension activity.  It is great additional practice for your child, but it is not mandatory.  Also, please be advised, that the "Home Letters" that come home daily are produced by the Leveled Literacy Intervention company and cannot be edited to reflect this practice.  Thank you!**


     Strategy Strip
    Story Puzzle- use when discussing fiction texts
    Story Puzzle      Explanation