• The list below consists of all the materials a student will need for my math course:
    1.   One 3-ring binder (1 1/2" thick) with 2 packs of loose leaf paper. A notebook must be brought to class everyday unless they have been instructed not to bring it to class.
    2.   One package of dividers (5 dividers needed).  Students will need the dividers to separate their notebooks into different sections (do now, notes, hw, foldables section, etc)

    3.        2 Folders (with pockets) – 1 folder will be left in the classroom daily and will contain all graded assessements and the other folder will be used for the student to organize their work for math class..

    4.     One box of pencils:  Students should ALWAYS come to math class with a pencil. 

    5.   One 4-pack of Dry Erase markers- Markers will be used for the individual communicators in class.

    6.   **Optional - Graphing Calculator**. The recommended calculator for most math courses is the TI- 83 plus or TI-84. Though calculators may be signed out during my class, they will not be able to take them home to complete assignments.

    PLEASE NOTE:  The supply list will be checked on the first day of class and students will be graded on their preparedness.
    See Rubric Below:

    Rubric for Supply List:  Day 1 Grade (50 points)


    1.    3 Ring Binder (at least 1.5”) with loose leaf paper – (10 pts)   You earned: 

    2.    1 package of 5 dividers for the binder – (5 pts)                        You earned: 

    3.    1 box of pencils – (10 pts)                                                        You earned: 

    4.    1 pack of 4-dry erase markers – (10 pts)                                   You earned: 

    5.    2 Folders (with pockets) – (5 pts)                                             You earned:  



Last Modified on June 24, 2022