Welcome to Extendicare!!!!!!

    Keep safe!!!!!!!!!!! We miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    August 26, 2020


    Dear Parents,

    We are writing to inform parents that Extendicare will not be available until further notice, as per the Reopening Plan that can be accessed on our website.


    The availability of Extendicare will be revisited every thirty days.


    We will keep you informed, via email, of any updates we might have.


    We truly miss you all and hope you are all well. 


    Thank you,

    Mrs. Ferber and Mrs. Romanetz 


    Thank you. Welcome to the new school year!


    The Keyport Board of Education is proud to offer its own Extendicare Program. Extendicare offers an affordable, safe, accessible program with excellent care and supervision with before school care starting at 7:00AM and after school care ending at 6:00PM for students in grades Pre-K to Grade 5. We are licensed by the state!
    Features flexibility in scheduling and fees, based on the number of days per week. The program schedule follows the school calendar, with the exception of  early dismissal days, in which the program is unavailable.
    Registrations/enrollments will be taken at the Keyport Central School, the Board of Education office, and during the summer registration day at the Central Elementary School in August. Please check back for exact dates and times for the August registration. Registration fees and deposits are non-refundable. A one month notice is required when exiting the program. The deposit is applied to the last month of enrollment in the program with the proper 1 month notice given. Registration requires a three to five day processing period. Registrations packets will be available at the Central School Main Office and on the school website.
    The Extendicare program offers structured activities in arts and crafts, physical education, recreation and homework assistance. The Program exists to meet the needs of working parents and their children. It is planned in response to the developmental needs of the children being served and will overlap to some extent with both home and school and yet will have a separate identity. Since it uses that block of time between school and home, it will attempt to complement, rather than supplement, the school’s program. The daycare program has a flexible curriculum with appropriate activities to meet the developmental needs of the children and to support the family. Children will be encouraged to try new things and to relax as well. The program is designed to promote a positive self-concept in each child. The morning time will be a time for conversations, board games, reading, activities, completing homework and playing in an organized activity. The afternoon time is intended to allow children to have a snack (school provided), talk about their day, participate in homework club or another club, participate in organized games and express their creativity in the arts.
    NOTE: For questions about the Extendicare Program, please contact at Extendicare@kpsdschools.org
    Lisa Savoia Superintendent