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    Our school district is committed to preventing the "summer slide" that occurs in our students' mathematics skills.  With this in mind, we have created summer math assignments for students entering grades 1st grade - HS Algebra II.  We believe these assignments will help to refresh the skills learned over the previous school year and prepare for new instruction in September.  


    Students entering grades 1 through 3
    Students will receive folders with copies of their math and language arts assignments in school before the school year is over, however they are also being provided here as downloads in case they are misplaced or damaged over the summer. 

    Students entering grades 4 through HS Algebra II

    This year the summer math assignment will be completed online using IXL.com. The assignment was designed to provide students with a review of previously learned material that will assist them during the next school year and the scoring rubric has been done so that a student's grade can only be helped and not hurt by completing the assignment. The students will have from July 1st to August 31st to complete the assignment.  

    The students will have from July 1st to August 31st to complete the work.  Please see the links below for more detailed information.  If you have any questions or need assistance logging in you can email Mrs. Sussino at ksussino@kpsdschools.org.

    KCS Summer Math Assignment (students entering 4th grade through Algebra I in 8th grade)

    KCS Summer Math Assignment - Spanish

    KHS Summer Math Assignment (Students entering Algebra 1 at the High School, Geometry, or Algebra II)

    KHS Summer Math Assignment - Spanish

    *Determinations for 8th grade Algebra I will be made prior to the start of summer work, so that students will know which level to work on over the summer.
    *Students from Memorial School who have registered at KHS for 9th grade in the fall may have issues with their IXL accounts after our IXL rollover occured in late June.  If the login information provided does not work, please contact Mrs. Sussino (ksussino@kpsdschools.org) as soon as possible and I will send you your updated login info.

     Students currently in or entering the KHS Life Skills Program

    Also, it is crucial for students entering 4th and 5th grade to continue practicing their multiplication facts over the summer.  Mastery of these skills is necessary for a strong mathematical foundation.  Parents can support their child in doing so by creating flash cards, using XtraMath.org, and/or any other apps that help in practicing these skills.
    Enjoy the summer, and keep practicing!