• dra2
    What is the DRA2?
    The DRA2 Benchmark Assessment is a standardized reading test used to determine a student's instructional level in reading.  The DRA2 is administered individually to students by teachers.  During the DRA2 administration, students read a selection (or selections) and then retell what they have read to the examiner.  As the levels increase, so does the difficulty level for each selection. 
    When and to whom is the DRA2 administered?
    The DRA2 is administered to all students in grades K-5.  It is administered three times during the year in testing windows in September, January, and June. 
    What does a student's DRA2 level mean?
    The levels can show a student's current reading level according to a Developmental Reading Continuum.  This varies from emergent readers to extending readers. 
    How do teachers use DRA2 results?
    Teachers use DRA2 results, along with the results of other assessments, to determine whether students are reading on, above, or below grade level.  By knowing student DRA2 levels, teachers can plan for small group, guided reading instruction, including targeted interventions and supplemental support.  Teachers select materials that match students' instructional levels and provide appropriate instruction to challenge them.
    Do you want to see what DRA2 testing looks like?  Watch the video below: