• Keyport High School serves both the Keyport and Union Beach communities. Our faculty strives toward more than the mere transmission of knowledge, seeking instead to foster a life long love oflearning and an appreciation for the gifts and rewards of education. Our focusis on educating the whole child, including the promotion of initiative,collaboration, integrity, citizenship and personal responsibility
    Keyport High School serves a diverse population of learners, and our staff provides a comprehensive, yet flexible educational program tailored to the individual abilities, needs, and aspirations of its students. We set our academic standards high to prepare our students for the challenges of higher education and life in the ever-changing world of the 21st century. To that end, instructional techniques emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. Rigorous courses are offered across all academic disciplines, including Honors and Advanced Placement courses for our most academically gifted students. We also offer a spectrum of electives from various disciplines, including fine arts, business, technical arts, and family and consumer sciences. In all courses, instruction is student-centered and designed to meet the individual needs of each child.

    Keyport High School has made great strides in educating students who arewell-prepared to thrive in a 21s t century world. In the last year alone, over 150 new computers were added to labs and classrooms throughout the building. The school has also been outfitted with a new Wireless N network, putting the limitless resources of the internet at the fingertips of students and staff alike. A mobile iPad lab is now available, meaning that interactive connectivity is now available without leaving the classroom. New network infrastructure has been installed throughout the district to support the latest technologies. This infrastructure includes new network switches, cabling,access points, and virtual servers. In an increasingly connected world, Keyport High School students remain at the forefront of emerging technology.

    In addition to the excellent academic programs offered by the school, Keyport High school students enjoy a rich variety of athletic and extra curricular opportunities. These programs unite our student body and local community through a shared experience of excellence and excitement. They also offer additional avenues for students to experience success and develop a strong sense of community pride. Dedicated staff members commit countless hours outside the traditional school day to ensure that these programs are successful.

    Due to the shared efforts of talented students, a dedicated staff, and a warm and supportive community, Keyport High School continues to be an exciting place to learn and work. We take great pride in our history and achievements, as well as in our safe and positive school climate. During their time in this community, students develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary to achieve their long-term goals in life.