• Supply List for Mr. Keelen's Math Class

    1)   Large three-ring binder. If you prefer a spiral notebook, that is acceptable to Mr. Keelen but not recommended in light of the number of handouts.
    2)   Box of pencils
    3)   Four Color Bic Pen
    4)   Lose leaf paper
    5)   File dividers for each chapter (Need about 10)
    6)   4 different color high lighters
    7)   Calculators will be provided, however, it is encouraged for students to purchase their own especially if they plan on continuing their education after high school.
    8)    Dry Erase Markers  
    9)    Dry Erasers 
    10) Poster board for projects 5 total
    ** Any additional supplies will be announced throughout the year as they become needed.
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Last Modified on June 24, 2021