• What is a School Social Worker ?


    PURPOSE:  The School Social Worker promotes and enhances the overall academic mission by providing services that strengthen home/school/community partnerships and alleviate barriers to learning. The School Social Worker significantly contributes to the development of a healthy,safe and caring environment by advancing the understanding of the emotional and social development of children and the influences of family, community,cultural differences on student success and by implementing effective intervention strategies.


    1.1  Conducts assessments and evaluations in accordance with parent, guardian, and student rights.  As well as New Jersey State Laws.

    1.2  Conducts formal and informal assessments to evaluate student’s functioning in the following areas:

    ·        Physical, cognitive, emotional, social development

    ·        Family history and factors that influence overall function

    ·        Behavior and attitude in different settings

    ·        Patterns of interpersonal relationships

    ·        Patterns of achievement

    ·        Adaptive behavior and cultural factors that may influence  learning

    1.3  Uses student, family and school assessment results to identify needs that impact student learning.

    1.4   Uses assessments and evaluation results to develop appropriate interventions for students, families, schools and communities.

    1.5  Develops long-term and short-term intervention plans consistent with curriculum students’ needs, strengths, diversity and life experiences; and social and emotional factors.

    1.6  Uses a variety of appropriate formal and informal tools and techniques including observations and interviews to evaluate the progress and performance of students and families.


    The School Social Worker will uses knowledge and understanding of the reciprocal influences of home, school, and community to intervene for students success via such practices as assessments, crisis intervention, home visits, conflict resolution, individual counseling,consultation, program development, and coordination of school and community services.

    2.1 Promotes services to students and their families be provided within the context of multicultural understanding and competence that enhance families’ support of students learning experiences.

    2.2 Provides services to students in ways that build upon individual strengths and offers students maximum opportunities to participate in the planning and direction of their own learning experience.

    ·        Involves students in self-assessment activities in developing and implementing intervention and evaluation and evaluation plans that enhance students’ abilities to benefit from educational experience.

    2.3 Develops and provides training and educational programs that address that goals and mission of the educational institution.

    Consultation and Collaboration: Consults and collaborates with stakeholders on behalf of student and their families.

    3.1 Consults with stakeholders to facilitate an understanding of factors in the home, local education agency, and community that affects students’ educational experiences

    3.2 Consults on such issues as attendance, confidentiality,ethnicity and diversity, mental health, behavior management, discipline, crisis intervention and child abuse and neglect.

    ·        Meets  with the school counselors to discuss individual students concern’s

    3.3 Engage and supports activities to overcome institutional barriers and gaps in services as leaders and members of interdisciplinary teams with the unique contribution of bringing the home, school, and community perspective to the interdisciplinary process.

    3.4 Promotes collaboration among community health and mental health service providers and facilitates student access to these services

    ·        Serves as a liaison between service providers to individual students and assist families with finding services needed.

    3.5 Uses extensive knowledge of community resources,enabling the school social worker to play a critical role in facilitating the provision of community services in the local education agency.

    ·        Makes contacts and helps to connect schools,students, and families with the appropriate needed services such as a student in need of health benefits assistance to go to the dentist or acquiring food and clothing for a student’s family who has lost their home.

    3.6 Helps to build effective school-community teams and orients community providers to school climate, culture and structure and to the laws and regulations governing practice in educational settings.

    PROGRAM PLANNING,IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION: Effectively plans, implements and evaluates programs that promote student and family success.

    4.1 Applies knowledge of environmental factors in planning programs.

    4.2 Assists the school and community in planning programs that alleviate situations which may interfere with the learning process of students.

    ·        Serves as a consulate for the schools I&RS community and serves on the schools Crisis Intervention Team.

Last Modified on December 8, 2016