Perform Care: contact and information: 1 877 652 7624
    When to call:
    • You are struggling to meet the needs of your developmentally delayed child or adolescent
    • Your child refuses to attend school, or has repeated lateness or skipping, or if you have other concerns about his or her school performance
    • Your child shows physical and/or verbal aggression
    • You observe family conflict, including yourth substance abuse or refusal to comply with rules
    • Your child seems to experience grief that is beyond "normal" such as the loss of a family member or friend through divorce, death or relocation
    • Your child experiences a traumatic event, such as a house fire or witnessing violence
    • A trusted friend, teacher or other adult in your child's life has expressed concerns
    • You'd like to know more about the types of services available
    PESS: (Psychiatric Emergency Screening Services):Suicidal ideation, statements, or attempts; homicidal ideation or statements; and crisis assessment, danger to self or others

    *** When taking your child to the ER  for psychiatric screening  ask for crisis***.
    Mobile Response: Must be contacted through Perform Care phone number (1 877 652 7624)
    • Used for emotional outbursts
    • Responds to premises within an hour
    • Parent must call and/or be present
    • Ask the Perform Care triage clinican for Mobile Response
    • Truancy issues
    • Substance abuse and mental health issues
    FCIU (Family Crisis Intervention Unit):732 542 2444 After hours: Monday through Friday after 5pm and on weekends or holidays call 732 996 7645.
    • Behavioral issues
    • Truancy issues
    • Parent/child conflict
    • Runaway behaviors
    • Resources, references, and linkage
    • Station house adjustments
    • Crisis petition to Family Court Judge
    • In-home
    Supervisor/Contact person and telephone number:
    Pamela A.Schott 732-542-2444

    Description of Services:
    The Family Crisis Intervention program was operated by the Monmouth County Superior Court, Family Division until 2006 when it was bid out to the community and awarded to MHA (Mental Health Association). This prevention program assists children with behavioral issues and their families to make changes in the behaviors of youth, in a manner that increases their academic productivity and reduces conflict within the family. The program addresses such behavior as school refusal and non-compliance with household rules in a manner that facilitates relationships/reduces conflict between youth and their families, assists parents with setting and enforcing limits, and helps youth to express themselves. The goal of the program is to address problem behavior before it proceeds down a destructive path that ultimately may result in involvement with the Juvenile Justice system.

    MHA works closely with Police Departments throughout the county, school officials, and other service providers who are concerned about children and families in crisis.

    Client Eligibility:
    Children and Families in Monmouth County who are experiencing a crisis, and are generally referred by police, Division of Youth and Family Service, schools, families and other community agencies.

    Level of Service:
    MHA provides crisis intervention to approximately 400 families each year.

    Funding Source:
    Monmouth County Youth Services Commission funds MHA to provide this service and it isfreeand available to most families of Monmouth County.