Reading and writing websites:
    www.starfall.com-   help with reading, writing, and fun English games!
    Duolingo.com - free app to help learn English
    www.brainpop.com   fun English games with reading and writing
    www.readingrockets.com -  help with reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, spelling, vocabulary 
    www.readtheory.com-       every student has a password 
    www. englishlinx.com 
    Fun websites!!!
    Find a good book to read:
    • http://www.goodreads.com/ Goodreads will rate the books you've read in the past and create a reading list just for you with reviews from other teens
    Translation websites:
    www.babelfish.com - Word Reference is a great translator for all languages! Look up a word and choose the best translation for your use.
    Word Reference es un gran traductor por todos idiomas! Busquen una palabra y escojan la mejor traduccion por su uso.
    Learn how to use MLA or APA to format your research papers:
     http://www.easybib.com -  EasyBib - Free tool that will format your resources into MLA (or any other) format. Easy to use  
Last Modified on September 4, 2020