General Information for Parents


Keyport Public Schools offer a variety of programming to meet the needs of our students ages 3-5 and 6-21:


  • Preschool Disabled Program
  • Pull-out Resource Program
  • In-class Resource Program
  • Self-contained Program
  • Related Services

Child Find

Parents or guardians of children, ages 3-21, who live in Keyport, or are migrant or homeless and have concerns about their child's development in the area of:

  • Communication
  • Motor/Physical
  • EmotionalVisual or Hearing and
  • Social Skills
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Other

May call the Office of Special Services at (732) 212-6100 Ext. 3151.

The Process

  1. Pre-referral - interventions in General Education
  2. Referral - written request for initial evaluation submitted to the Child Study Team, by a teacher, parent, or transition from Early Intervention to Preschool
  3. Identification - deciding whether to evaluate
  4. Evaluation(s) - if warranted:
    • Social History
    • Psychological
    • Learning Evaluation
    • Speech
    • Other


A Student shall be determined eligible and classified "eligible for special education and related services" when:

  • The student has one or more of the disabilities defined in 6A:14-3.5(c)1-14;
  • The disability adversely affects the student's educational performance; and
  • The student is in need of special education and related services