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    Class Happenings...
    June 2019





    We have lots of events happening as the school year comes to a close!  This week we are going to a planetarium assembly, performing our Drama Play, and participating in Field Day!  We are also preparing for our Author’s Tea which is on Monday, June 10th! In reading, we are working on our Charlotte’s Web project and analyzing characters.  In math, we are reviewing various third-grade skills. Finally, in science, we will be presenting our zoo projects.

    Important Upcoming Dates:

    June 4th-   Planetarium Assembly

    June 5th- Drama Class Play

    June 6th- KCS Field Day

    June 10th- Third Grade Author’s Tea

    June 14th- Last day of school     







    Daily Schedule



    1- 8:30-9:20

    Writer's Workshop

    2- 9:23-10:03

    Language Arts

    3- 10:06-10:46

    Language Arts

    4- 10:49-11:29


    5- 11:32-12:12  


    5A- 12:15-12:55

    Science/ SS

    6- 12:58-1:38


    7- 1:41- 2:21


    8- 2:24-3:04




    Special Schedule


    A- Gym/ Library

    B- Music

    C- Computers

    D- Drama

    E- Art/ Experimental Science

    F- Spanish

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