Please use the following Google Classroom Codes to access your child's google classroom. 
    Pre-K PE: oko5xwj
    Kindergarten PE: osjsgpj
    1st Grade PE: bnprmjo
    2nd Grade PE: aa3ucpe
    3rd Grade PE: gyuvwfa
    4th Grade PE: atuwcxp
    6th Grade PE: srpagml
    7th Grade PE: 2riqohm
    8th Grade PE: gks662k
    **Please remember to wear sneakers and proper clothing the days you are scheduled for gym!
    Proper Gym Attire
    Shorts- (No CARGO shorts or CARGO pants)
    Sweatpants- (No Jeans or anything with a zipper)
    Sneakers- (No boots, sandels, Uggs, slip-ons) Must have rubber sole
    Shirts- Must be 2 fingers if it is a tank top
            *** Always come prepared for warm or cold climate....Students are given gym lockers so they can keep clothes in the lockers***
    PE Expectations

    *Always Do Your Personal Best

    *Respect Yourself, Other Students And Your Equipment

    *Listen When The Teacher Is Talking

    *Listen To Your Body. It Speaks To You Everyday. Understand What It Is Saying

    *Display Good Sportsmanship. 

Last Modified on March 12, 2020