Sharon Marie Borrelli
     Pre-K through 5th Grade Music
     2nd through 8th Grade choir director
     Music/Band Room -  CS 2nd grade Hallway
    Help Hours:
    after school until 3:30pm
    Grading Policy
    Participation in Singing, Dancing, Instrument Playing, and  Answering Questions -
    Mastery and Improvement of Musical Skills -
    Co-operative Learning
    Outstanding, Satisfactory, Need Improvement, Unsatisfactory
    Rules for a Harmonious Classroom
    Be Kind
    Follow teachers Directions
    Touch only what belongs to you
    Stay at your spot on your bottom
    Wait quietly
    Consequences for all Special Area Classes
    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Note Home
     3. Phone call home
    Music is what feelings sound like.
    Music is what feelings sound like.
    Please include a personal welcome message and biographical information.
Last Modified on September 8, 2020