• Grading Policy for Core Subjects:

    • Major Assessments (Tests, Projects, Essays, Lab Reports, Etc.) 50%

    • Minor Assessments (Graded Classwork, Quizzes, Classroom Participation, Etc.) 35%

    • Homework 15%

    Late work: Assignments will be collected on specified due dates: 10 point deduction for everyday late.  Assignments will be collected at the beginning of class.  If it’s not in my possession at the start of class it is considered late.

    Absences: Absences do NOT count as an excuse for missing notes, assignments or scheduled quizzes or tests. If you are absent, please see me or other students to obtain notes and assignments.  You must see me to schedule a make-up test, quiz or lab. 

    • If homework, quizzes or tests are not made up they will be graded as a zero.  You have up to one week to complete makeup tests or quizzes.  






Last Modified on September 6, 2017