1. There are 3 components that make up a marking period grade:

    a. Major Assessments = 50% of the marking period grade

                                                                                i. 3 major assessments (minimum) per period

                                                                                ii. Major assessments include tests, projects, labs, research paper, and essays.

    b. Minor Assessments = 35% of the marking period grade.

                                                                                i. 15 minor assessments (minimum) per block

                                                                              ii. Minor assessments include IXL lessons, quizzes, do now quizzes, notebook check, graded open-ended questions, portfolio writing assignments, and classroom participation

    c. Homework Assignments = 15%

                                                                                i. 15% of the marking period grade will consist of the completion of the homework assignments.



    It is the student’s responsibility to make up any missing assignments. If a student is absent, they will receive full credit for the assignment if they hand it in the following day.


    Any assignments a student forgot to do or did not understand can be made up for partial credit if they complete this assignment with 5 school days of the due date. by serving a “MAD” (Missing Assignment Detention). If it is not made up by that time, students will receive a “0” for those assignments.


    If a student is missing a major/minor assessment grade, they will have ONE WEEK from the date of the assignment to make it up. If the minor assessment is not made up within one week, students will receive a “0” for the assignment.


Last Modified on June 24, 2022