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    Mrs. Martin
    Name: Adrienne Lomangino Martin
    Phone: 732-212-6100, extension: 3207
    Grades: 9 - 12
    Classrooms: 206, 209, 210, 303, 311
    Academic Support: Room 206, 2:14-2:34, M - F.

    1992: Graduated magna cum laude from Monmouth University with a B.S. in Education

    -          Major in Elementary Education K-8

    -          Minor in Teacher of Students with Disabilities K-12

    January 1994 - June 2004: Keyport High School (grades 9-12)

    -          Taught ten years in the high school (English and science)

    -          Taught seven of the ten years in the alternative school (half day in the high school and half day in the    alternative school (English, math, science, history, health education, physical education, driver’s education, etc.)

    -          Life Line Advisor

    -          JV Softball coach for several exciting years that culminated in a division championship team

    -          Volunteer Track and Field coach for one year


    2000-2002: Graduated summa cum laude from Georgian Court University with an M.A. in Educational Administration and Leadership


    2004: Keyport High School’s Teacher of the Year


    September 2004 - June 2010: Keyport Central School

    -          Taught mathematics (grades 5-7)

    -          Taught science and history (grades 6-7)

    -          Taught one Extended School Year (grades 1-3)

    -          Actively involved in the completion of an intricate three-year technology (Matrix) grant


    September 2010 - June 2021: Keyport High School (grades 8-12)

    -       Taught: Language Arts Literature I, II, III & IV, Algebra I, SC Math, Integrated Science, Biology Lab, Chemistry Lab, Environmental Science, Alternative Science, Life Skills, World History and United States History I and II, SPEAR, Leveled Literacy Intervention
    September 2021 - June 2022: Keyport High School (grades 9-12)
    -       Teaching: Environmental Science, Chemistry Lab, English I and English IV
    Extracurricular activities: Coached K.Y.A.L. and Union Beach basketball, coached Bayshore Little League softball, played in adult softball league, taught 4th and 6th grade CCD.


    Private sector experiences: Decades of administrative experience in ice manufacturing/distribution, waste management/recycling collections, and horse racing/breeding.


    Hobbies: Bicycle riding, ATV riding, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, boating, kayaking, gardening, baseball/softball and READING!
    Travel: Italy, Switzerland, Aruba, Bahamas, Saint Martin, Saint Thomas, St. Croix, Castaway Cay, Jamaica, California and the East Coast.


    My philosophy: I believe that we do not have to be THE best, but we all need to be OUR best!  As a teacher, my main emphasis has always been to provide an atmosphere of respect and dedication, as well as a commitment to excellence, within which students and staff are both challenged and encouraged to thrive. 

    (January 2022 completes my 28th exciting year of teaching and February begins my 29th year :) 
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