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Keyport School District
Technology Department
                                                                           Mr. Pablo Guevara                                                                             
                                                                 District Technology Coordinator                                                                    
                                                                       Ph: 732-212-6100 X2129                                                                              
  Welcome  The technology department is responsible for the administration & maintenance of the entire technology infrastructure of the Keyport Public School District. Our department is responsible for overseeing all educational technology initiatives, purchases, training and support agreements.
The technology department is responsible for over 1700 computers2012 virtual servers and variety of networking and video equipment. Each classroom contains a teacher workstation and a mounted television set. 1-4 student stations are available in each classroom. Each room is equipped with a SmartBoard. 
Our district operates a Fiber Wide Area Network allowing for data sharing and network administration for all 3 locations. Our servers run on Windows Server 2012. Our operating systems consist of a mix of  Windows 7, and IOS Machines. Each School is fully networked with every classroom having network and Internet access. Our Memorial School media center has wireless access. Each faculty member district wide and students in grades K-12 has a unique username and password to access our network. They each receive a secured space on the schools server for file storage. Each faculty member has their own section on Schoolwires which they maintain for homework. All faculty members have an email address. There are shared student accounts that provide access to network share folders for file management. This allows for Administration, Faculty and Students to have access to their files from any computer in the district.
The technology department also provides ongoing professional development for faculty, staff and administration. We have a commitment to advancing the integration of technology in curriculum and to integrate it into administrative tasks to improve our day to day operations.
UPDATE: The Keyport District has currently approximately  1200 Chrome Books which have been used to create a 1:1 in grades 6-12.